A walk around a garden can be very therapeutic.

I received an email from a client today, it was most thought provoking, all about the therapeutic effects of a well thought out landscape, in her case an ancient woodland area.

I’ve been designing and building some amazing landscapes since graduating way back in 1975.

Sometimes when we finished a project the garden took on it’s own aura – one a Chelsea Flower Show exhibit literally changed colour and became this amazing golden yellow, you could almost feel the colour ( if that’s possible)

I’m in the business of creating dreams for people – if we manage to design well the garden does indeed make folks feel happy and at peace. More often than not we tend to energise folks into taking more time to enjoy what we have created.

One of our favourite additions is a path around the garden, it needs to be wide enough for two to walk side by side so about 5ft wide is ideal, in this way the enjoyment of the garden becomes a journey with a destination as well as a practical gardening use.

In this case we added a pergola for a little shade as you walk, as well as a focal point from the terrace, in the distance you can also make out a well feature, so the path has various destinations as you walk around.


It’s also a good idea to create a firm edge to a path, to prevent it from migrating into the landscape, the path itself is made with a  sub base of limestone and a dressing of finer binding gravel to act as a wearing surface – requiring a little weeding and a rake & roll every two months.

Always set the lawn level about 1/2inch (15mm)  to an inch(25mm) above the path edge, in this way you can clean cut the lawn with just the mower, and those dreadful strimmers can be left in the truck !


You can hear more about our techniques, ideas, views of experts, interviews with home owners with beautiful gardens on our new radio show called Growing Trends – you can find us at www.cravingtalkradio.com


Author: Growing Trends

Hello, Welcome to Growing Trends. Ann and Chris are both horticultural experts. Ann is a native of Nebraska and a specialist in annuals, flowers and perennials, particularly from the Mid West I'm Chris an English landscape design and build specialist with over 40 years experience of designing,building,managing a wide variety of landscape projects, the team was rewarded with many award winning projects - from Residential, Schools, Parks,Chelsea Flower Show exhibits, to Green Roof Gardens for City Officescapes & Interiorscapes. It has all been hugely enjoyable and fun - even when fighting the weather or deadlines. Today we are developing a new ideas for the home owner ... recently we were awarded our second patent. Ann my Co Host and I, have launched a new one hour twice a day internet radio show called "Growing Trends" , it's available as a podcast on iTunes and at www.growingtrends.org . It's all about the people in our industry, for home owner's &,experts alike, with interviews from around the world from those experts , home owners that are passionate about their gardens , talking about latest trends, in styles, passions ,materials, products, plants, vegetables, wines, anything connected with enjoying outside spaces. In the last two or three years we have been developing some new tools for the home owner - www.picagardi.com and our app Picagardi ( free in iTunes and Google Play) have been specifically designed for the DIY young home owner who would like to develop a landscape or garden, without having any prior knowledge of plant arrangements etc. Our newly patented Weekend Garden Kits, enable almost anyone to place, plant and look after 'Designed' planting areas. Take a look at www.grotrends.com Our patented soil injector enables a wide variety of users to inject corn based super absorbent's to the root zone of established plants, enabling fertilizers, insecticides, etc., to be used in minimum dosages, with out leaching or run off and yet remain effective. With the added advantage of reducing watering by around 50%.

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