Today’s Park

We were having a discussion about Parks the other day, the consensus was that whilst they are constantly evolving there was a need to include more of today’s more modern infrastructure within a park boundaries.

central park

Do you think that is the case?

For instance –  constant wifi?

24 hour video access to see wild life etc. ?

Adoption of solar energy , for example path lighting powered by solar ?

More group areas for meetings outside ?

More refreshment areas ?

Less grass areas ?

The addition of vegetable areas for people to try or see how to grow ?

More opportunities to show visitors how to do something?

crystal palace

What do you think?

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas,

Ann & Chris

Growing Trends


Author: Growing Trends

Hello, Welcome to Growing Trends. Ann and Chris are both horticultural experts. Ann is a native of Nebraska and a specialist in annuals, flowers and perennials, particularly from the Mid West I'm Chris an English landscape design and build specialist with over 40 years experience of designing,building,managing a wide variety of landscape projects, the team was rewarded with many award winning projects - from Residential, Schools, Parks,Chelsea Flower Show exhibits, to Green Roof Gardens for City Officescapes & Interiorscapes. It has all been hugely enjoyable and fun - even when fighting the weather or deadlines. Today we are developing a new ideas for the home owner ... recently we were awarded our second patent. Ann my Co Host and I, have launched a new one hour twice a day internet radio show called "Growing Trends" , it's available as a podcast on iTunes and at . It's all about the people in our industry, for home owner's &,experts alike, with interviews from around the world from those experts , home owners that are passionate about their gardens , talking about latest trends, in styles, passions ,materials, products, plants, vegetables, wines, anything connected with enjoying outside spaces. In the last two or three years we have been developing some new tools for the home owner - and our app Picagardi ( free in iTunes and Google Play) have been specifically designed for the DIY young home owner who would like to develop a landscape or garden, without having any prior knowledge of plant arrangements etc. Our newly patented Weekend Garden Kits, enable almost anyone to place, plant and look after 'Designed' planting areas. Take a look at Our patented soil injector enables a wide variety of users to inject corn based super absorbent's to the root zone of established plants, enabling fertilizers, insecticides, etc., to be used in minimum dosages, with out leaching or run off and yet remain effective. With the added advantage of reducing watering by around 50%.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Park”

  1. I think some parks need to evolve to meet modern needs, not all. New parks really need to address modern life and it’s preoccupations and could be places for more community activity. However there are issues with public space gardening and one of the most problematic is that of proper garden maintenance. I visited a lovely small park in Ely which has been innovative in its planting schemes and was the result of a lot of voluntary work as well as sponsorship of plants. Sadly it’s not being maintained. It’s full of bind weed, sow thistle and many other rapidly spreading weeds that are pushing out the garden plants. There was also evidence that a contractor had been brought in for some aspects and 1 or 2 maturing shrubs, that had been allowed to develop their natural habit had been given the classic car park haircut with a trimmer. So sad to see a great idea being compromised by poor care and management.

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  2. When I go to a park, I want to forget the outside world and feel like I am in nature. Parks are so manicured that they don’t feel like nature anymore. No to wifi. Maybe video depending on the size of the city and the crime rate. Our small town has a community garden near a park area for people to grow their veggies if they don’t have a yard. Parks NEED more grass. Just my opinion. I want to go to a park for grass, not asphalt. I really don’t go to parks very often anymore since I live in a small town surrounded by a National Forest. I just go out a little ways and enjoy nature without the people influence.


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